SieMatic Colors 2021

Löhne, January 29, 2021 | Our favorite colors reveal who we are. Colors create atmosphere and influence our mood. The right atmosphere inspires and motivates us. It calms us or inspires our creativity. So why not use selected shades to create individual and emotional kitchen furniture? Design the room with colors where we spend so much time, where we cook for or entertain our loved ones and enjoy being together, discuss poignant topics and have less important conversations, start the day motivated or end it relaxed with a glass. For many people around the world, the kitchen has always been the center of their home - and not just since home offices and homeschooling became the new reality.

Creating a magical atmosphere with 1,950 special colors and color compositions to fall in love with

SieMatic designers compose individual kitchen dreams with almost unlimited design possibilities of their furniture programs, materials and special colors in velvet matt and high gloss. On 1,600 m², the new factory exhibition shows a cross-section of SieMatic's flexible room planning concepts. Extroverted kitchen designs vary with subtle, bright and colorful showroom kitchens with monochrome concepts. Compact kitchens follow generous, open-space solutions. In every respect, an emotively wide range of versatility, colorfulness and diversity. The unifying element is the design quality and the overall, timelessly elegant brand umbrella. A trip to Löhne is of course worthwhile, Corona-compliant of course. The world's largest SieMatic exhibition can also be visited as a virtual showroom.

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