SieMatic Style Collections 2023/2024

SieMatic – Kitchen Interior Design since 1929. The focus is on individual customer design and utilisation requirements. For 95 years.

Löhne, im Dezember 2023 | If you wished to describe the essence of the SieMatic brand in a few concise words, then the most fitting would have to be: innovative, inspiring, fascinating. Surprising people with highly individualised kitchen concepts has a long tradition at SieMatic. It is the soul and identity of the company. The focus is always on customers worldwide, with their ever-growing and changing needs, as well as their high standards, for whom SieMatic aims to create special customer experiences.

SieMatic is active in 75 countries worldwide, all with very different cultures, as well as cooking and culinary habits. With the SieMatic planning principle of the four style collections PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL living spaces can be designed worldwide today that perfectly reflect the personality of their owners. The SieMatic style collections concept follows the currently most popular lifestyles and furnishing styles and makes it possible to respond flexibly, precisely, and in detail to individual feelings about life, beyond rigid program structures.

What many people regard as the heart of their home has always been the heart of our company: The kitchen. For more than 90 years, SieMatic has been developing fascinating kitchens of the highest quality, functionality and timeless modernity. Kitchens as a space for creativity, open to friends and family, for new encounters and fresh ideas. And because every person is special, every character is unique, every country and every region has its own food culture, kitchens are seen as living spaces.

„We don't think in terms of products, but in terms of style worlds. The planning principle of our four inspiring style collections PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL can be used worldwide to create living spaces that perfectly reflect the personality of their owners. Manufactured according to their own ideas and wishes, the result is something absolutely unique: their very personal, customised dream kitchen from SieMatic.“ Jörg Overlack, Head of Brand & Corporate Communication

Impressive key visuals for the "top funnel" of SieMatic brand communication and inspiring SieMatic kitchen concepts and home stories from around the world.

The basic idea behind these visualisations was to move away from the current standards of kitchen furniture advertising and create a separate, eye-catching stage for the SieMatic brand in order to differentiate itself more strongly. With an unmistakable visual appearance and the individual kitchens as the main protagonists, realised to a high standard with a high recognition value. And with its own visual language that surprisingly and confidently emphasises SieMatic's authentic personality as a global manufacturer of innovative, high-quality and exclusive kitchens. 

The new key visuals of the four SieMatic style collections are continuously supplemented by professional photos of international SieMatic kitchens in real architecture and living situations. SieMatic presents selected room planning concepts and home stories on and

Welcome to the puristic world of SieMatic. A space can be an island: discreetly integrated in the surrounding architecture, the timelessly elegant SieMatic PURE style world celebrates classical minimalism and the beauty of life. An oasis of calm and lightness, in which the stresses of the day can be cast off like a coat. An agreeable sense of balance is created through a generous use of surfaces and materials, as well as a freedom from decorative elements. An elementary simplicity which is equally understandable all over the world.

A SieMatic PURE is more than an elegant, sculptural object. Its true luxury lies in its reduction to the essential. Freed from all things superfluous, it integrates space as an element in its own right, allowing it to breathe. In this atmosphere of agreeable lightness, a refuge of reflection and inspiration is created in which your love of clarity and elegance, of calm and harmony, your passion for timeless perfection can unfold.

The puristic world of SieMatic opens up a wealth of creative possibilities: with innovative room concepts perfectly and discreetly integrating the functions of the kitchen in the surrounding architecture. Carefully selected combinations of exquisite materials and fine shades go far beyond conventional kitchen design and permit almost boundless creativity.

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