Kitchen countertops by SieMatic

In kitchen design, the appearance and nature of the countertops play an essential role. Whether homey or practical, impressive or functional, the character of the kitchen can be emphasized or contrasted through the selection of the countertop and niche material. The range of high-quality countertop designs is extraordinarily high at SieMatic – from the material, to the thickness, to the design of the edge, you have the freedom of choice. Whichever you choose: Even the most extravagant material is refined to such a degree at SieMatic that it is suitable for even the most intense demands in the kitchen.

Every material has
its particular qualities

Natural stone

Composite stone



Stainless steel


Natural stone

Whether marble, granite, slate, limestone, quartzite or volcanic stone: The particular charm of countertops of natural stone lies in the irregularity of their surface, which distinguishes them distinctly from industrially manufactured materials

Composite stone

Composite stones consist of more than 90% of natural quartz, to which resins and colorings are added. Although comparable in hardness and density to natural stone, they always have uniform surface colors and structures.


Ceramic is a very homogeneous and hard material. The fired surface has many advantages: It is impervious to water, can be recycled, and is absolutely food-safe, so that no impregnation is required. In addition, it is scratchproof, acid-resistant, and easy to care for.


Because of their especially hard surface, woods like oak, walnut, maple, and bamboo are ideal countertop materials. High-quality SieMatic craftsmanship gives them a sophisticated look, which fits elegantly and harmoniously into just about any kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a tough, hygienic material, whose professional appeal is not impaired by the traces of use; it gets even more beautiful as time goes by. Whether as a complete countertop or as a design accent.


SieMatic laminate countertops have a very resistant, hygienic surface of layered material and are available in a wide selection of decors and edge designs, which permits harmonious color choices that are perfectly attuned to the front panels and surrounding elements.

Countertops and backsplashes as design features

Countertops don’t just serve a practical function, but also determine the look of the whole kitchen. Colors and materials should match the rest of the kitchen furnishings and are therefore important factors in choosing the right countertop.


Exclusive countertops
and niche panels

Countertops and niche panels of real natural or composite stone are timelessly beautiful, incomparably elegant, and enhance the character of a kitchen. However, countertops of massive stone are usually offered by their manufacturers in only a few designs. In contrast, SieMatic StoneDesign offers numerous variants to expand design scope. Because these countertops consist of a light support material, topped by a 1-cm-thick slab of granite, marble, slate, limestone, volcanic stone or composite stone, or 6.5 mm ceramic. Countertops can thus be made in thicknesses, lengths and areas that are free of joints, which otherwise would be barely supportable – opening up many design alternatives. SieMatic also offers a rich selection of variants in wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and high-quality laminate, which can also be combined with SieMatic StoneDesign.

Edge designs for
SieMatic stonedesign

SieMatic countertops can be crafted not only from many different types of stone in thicknesses from 6.5 to 80 mm, but also with a wide variety of edge designs: embossed or chiseled, elliptical or mitered, and also in the popular 1 cm and new 6.5 mm looks. SieMatic also offers a rich selection of variants in wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and high-quality laminate, which can also be combined with SieMatic StoneDesign.



The newly developed SieMatic StoneDesign countertop with a visible thickness of just 6.5 mm is an attractive innovation. Its delicate lines underscore the elegance of purist design.



Its delicate charm is created by the mere 1 cm thickness of the stone surface, combined with an invisible support structure, which ensures great stability and makes it possible to install any kind of stovetop or sink.



The mitered and bonded sheets and edges give the appearance of a massive countertop 3 to 14 cm thick, to showcase the full beauty of the high-quality stone.



Edge designs in brushed “matt black” or “gold bronze” are particularly rich accents that can be elegantly combined with other metallic elements.



The polished surface of the edge is created in a complex, high-precision, surface finishing process. Its decorative character further underscores the elegance of the countertop.



Embossing refers to a style of carving stone. This handcrafted style works stone edges to bring out the natural, original character of the stone.

Sound advice from a kitchen designer

Learn more about the variety of materials and colors available with SieMatic with an in-person visit to your SieMatic specialist. If you have any questions about your kitchen design, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.