From reduced to representative

The shine of new ideas

This SieMatic BeauxArts interpretation of the classic kitchen surprises with unconventional ideas. For example, attractive accents are created by the facetted pull-out door frames in “polished nickel,” with an elegant shine that is reflected in the polished frames of glass doors in the wall and tall cabinet areas.

"A great kitchen has a magic to it that transforms the physical room into a feeling. people are drawn to that kitchen, and they may not know why. the kitchen sings. it is my job to write the music."

Mick De Giulio, Designer, Chicago, USA

A reflection of personality

Brushed stainless steel base cabinets with "polished nickel" framing combine with contoured base cabinets in high gloss "lotus white" lacquer with a mirrored toekick. Black marble in the niche and the extractor hood in polished stainless steel create deliberate contrast that is harmoniously elegant.

The art of composition

Traditional and modern, decorative and minimalist, matte and glossy, delicate and sturdy... The room design concepts of the SieMatic CLASSIC style collection use seemingly contrasting elements to create a harmonious whole. So you can discover the most beautiful furnishing style for the kitchen:  your own.

Elegantly break the rules of style

The smooth, shiny frames of the display cabinets form an attractive contrast to the lacquered gloss door fronts of signature elements - here in a shade of black from the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem, with 1,950 lacquer colors to choose from in gloss or matte.

For drawers

Learn more about the SieMatic interior accessories system for drawers and pull-outs. A uniquely functional and flexible system available only from SieMatic.

For cabinets

Gain up to 30% more space in your kitchen with the patented and unique SieMatic MultiMatic interior organization system.


Countertops and backsplashes

They play an important role in the design of a kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and different designs is exceptionally broad at SieMatic - and every material has its own special qualities.

For the highest demands

SieMatic CLASSIC products in lacquer radiate the elegance of household furniture without offering any point of vulnerability to the stresses of the kitchen. Exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer front panels are manufactured in “Superior Quality,” in an innovative lacquer finishing process that provides for the greatest flexibility in design and guarantees environmentally friendly, first-class quality “made in Germany.”

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for your kitchen

Wherever you encounter the name SieMatic, you find a picture of internationally recognized timeless, elegant kitchen design. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit. 

Many beautiful
pages to browse

Find more information and inspiration for kitchen design and the room concepts of the SieMatic style collections in our comprehensive brochures, which you can download or order online here.