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Award Hattrick for SieMatic SLX

Red Dot Design Award 2020

The new handle-free kitchen has now convinced the third international jury of experts.

We are pleased that SieMatic SLX has already convinced three international expert juries of top-class design awards. The new handle-free kitchen concept for the PURE style collection has won three Iconic Awards 2020: Innovative Interior "Best of Best", the iF Design Award 2020, and now also the Red Dot Design Award 2020. In a way, the SieMatic SLX has already scored a "hat trick" for itself this year.

The RED DOT AWARD: Product Design identifies the best products of the year and has offered designers and manufacturers an international platform for the evaluation of good design for over 60 years. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, the Red Dot jury evaluates around 6,500 products entered every year and arrives at a joint decision on the products that will earn the Red Dot Award for best quality of design.

SieMatic SLX PURE continues successful series.

iF Design Award 2020

The new handle-free kitchen concept from SieMatic is also the winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD.

After the new SieMatic SLX PURE already impressed the jury of the ICONIC AWARD 2020: Innovative Interior, where it was awarded "Best of Best", it has now convinced the renowned iF DESIGN AWARDS. The "oldest independent design seal in the world" is awarded for particularly innovative design. This year, the 78-member international jury received more than 7,000 entries from 56 countries.

This makes the iF DESIGN AWARD the second award for the new SieMatic SLX PURE. Furthermore, it is facing up to other international competitions, among others, its nominations for the red dot Design Award 2020 and the German Design Award 2021 have already been announced. The awards that have already been won are the latest in a long list of high-caliber design prizes for SieMatic. Such as the German Design Award 2016 in Gold for the SieMatic 29 or the German Design Award 2019 Winner for the SieMatic PURE Collection. The entire SieMatic brand identity is also nominated for the German Brand Award 2020, which the premium brand SieMatic has already won in gold in 2016.

Best of Best for the new SieMatic SLX

Iconic Awards 2020

First award for the new SieMatic SLX PURE.

SieMatic is regarded as the inventor of the handle-free kitchen. It is therefore only natural that in its 90th anniversary year the Westphalian kitchen manufacturer should also focus on the new interpretation of the handle-free kitchen: The SieMatic SLX PURE. The new kitchen concept has been met with great enthusiasm by dealers and customers worldwide and has already won over the international jury of experts at the ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovative Interior. In the category "Kitchen and Household" the kitchen concept was awarded "Best of Best". The competition, arranged by the German Design Council, is aimed at all companies in the furnishing industry and their partners in interior design. According to its own statement, its aim is to "discover and award the best from all areas of interior design".

As the inventor of the handle-free kitchen, we faced a formidable challenge: Could we improve an icon even further? The result is a homage to a philosophy of design: Handle-free, re-defined. Simplicity, taken one step further. Timelessness, interpreted for our times.

Grasping a new world.

With the new handle-free SieMatic SLX PURE, grasping becomes a basic aesthetic principle. At the heart of the new concept lies the re-designed recessed grip combined with the delicate proportions of just 6.5 millimeters. The perfect angle, the pleasing structure of the handle channel, the refined materials bring tactile properties
to the forefront – and are precisely what makes this kitchen such an eye-catcher, too.


Pioneering lines.

With individually controllable light temperature and brightness, the LED light has a direct influence on the atmosphere of the room – and the mood of its users.


Freedom with personality.

Through the generous use of the transparent surfaces, visual features assume special significance. Such as the delicate metal frame above with elegant handle in “Anodized Gold Bronze” and the harmoniously tinted glass walls in “Parsol Bronze”.


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Weightless design.

The unbelievable lightness inherent to the new SieMatic SLX PURE is especially apparent in the luxurious glass cabinets with pull-outs mounted on the back panel, which appear to be floating in space. Kitchen and living area merge to form one harmonious whole thanks to transparent doors and side panels and the variably positionable glass shelves. With the delicate aluminum frames in anodized matte black, gold bronze or stainless steel, coupled with sensitively placed lighting elements, they become the crown jewels of the room.


Harmonious contrast.

The lighting strips can be installed both vertically or horizontally to create eye-catching accents. They reveal their striking effect particularly when combined with dark nuances, like here with the matte “Graphite Gray” veneer, recessed grips and handle channels in “Gold Bronze Anodized Aluminum” and the countertop in
“Ceramic Storm Negro”.


Stunning storage.

The exceptional finish of the floating pull.outs isn’t just impressive because of its looks. Inside, it reveals an intricately designed interior, with ample space for useful aids and elegant silverware alike. After all, together with the SieMatic interior design systems in wood or aluminum and like all drawers and pull-outs in the new SieMatic SLX PURE, they offer extraordinary freedom of design.


Kitchen or home furnishings?

Everyone can answer this question entirely as they please – after all, the small glass wall cabinets can be used however you wish, whether as freestanding furniture, a flowing transition into the living area or an eye-catcher at the heart of the kitchen. The back panel can be refined with a mirrored surface, a herringbone veneer or one of the SieMatic SLX PURE veneers or lacquers. Subtly tinted to match the aluminum elements, the glass surfaces catch the eye from every angle, creating the perfect stage for their contents.


Harmonious details.

The exquisite surfaces, seamlessly perfect corners and angles, the play on forms echoing the recessed grips – the pull-outs attest to the harmonious unification of machine production and skilled craftsmanship. The perfectly mitered pull-outs appear practically seamless when closed and stand as a true representation of the exceptional workmanship of the new SieMatic SLX PURE.


A reflection of your style.

A comprehensive range of light nuance enhances the popular kitchen color white and offers even more opportunities for individual expression. This gives way to exciting yet homely compositions, such as the light-colored countertop in “Ceramic Pietra Di Luna Silk” and the lacquered surfaces in “Pebble Gray Matte”, which creates a striking contrast to the sophisticated “Smoked Oak” veneer.