Winner "Best of URBAN"

Within the competition of the SieMatic ID Contest, the jury chose the following project as the winner "Best of URBAN": Project ‘Cuisine 12hparjour, Paris‘ by Myriam Baudrier, Joniel, Paris, France

SieMatic ID Contest 2022

The kitchen is a SieMatic SLX SimiLaque Black Ultra-matt, with a Black matt anodized recess channel but without lighting, mixed with some cabinets with push-to-open doors, and some wooden details. The countertop, backsplash and long wallshelf are made of Polished Borghini Marble 20 mm thick. The kitchen has a great benefit of an inside patio with plants, which makes us forget we are in the heart of Paris, and it looks like a quiet and lighted little paradise. The kitchen is all along the wall of the main living room, and is the most lighted place of the apartment, facing the patio and thanks to a partially glazed ceiling, like a contemporary veranda. The place is at the same time the family home, but also the office of the owner, who has a decoration and styling business @12hparjour. All the meetings, with their teams but also customers, take place around the large wooden design table and facing the kitchen. The fitting of the kitchen has been thought then to be open, easily reachable, and usable at any time of the day, by the visitors and the family. The place is designed at the best and all is chosen, from the displayed dishes to objects and light fixtures, to create a perfectly decorative and functional kitchen, at the sophistication level of the customer and her image as a stylist.

The jury presented its reasons for selecting this URBAN project as the winner as follows:
This living space is persuasive in every respect: materials and colours are perfectly suited and, together with a skilled use of light, furniture and accessories, form a coherent design which is both harmonious and impeccable. It is the attention to detail which makes this functional singlerow kitchen stand out. In a wonderfully refreshing manner, the SLX from SieMatic has been tailor-made for its owners to achieve the perfect fit. And in this room bathed in light, it cuts a truly dashing figure. A little culinary oasis in which to relax, regenerate and celebrate life! Despite the compactness of the room, the atmosphere which has been achieved is open, airy and calm. The kitchen is well integrated in the room, without overly dominating it. It is compact, functional, distinct and minimalist. The overall impression is a perfect contrast between the light marble countertop and the darker matt black shelves. I also like the fact that the room is used as a family kitchen, but at the same time as an office. This shows how comfortably the kitchen has been designed, a place in which to spend the whole day quite happily.

We congratulate Myriam Baudrier und Joniel, Paris, on winning the ID Contest 2022.
Photos: Elodie Artières @elodieartieres

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