Welcome to the puristic world of SieMatic.

A space can be an island: discreetly integrated in the surrounding architecture, the timelessly elegant SieMatic PURE style world celebrates classical minimalism and the beauty of life. An oasis of calm and lightness, in which the stresses of the day can be cast off like a coat. An agreeable sense of balance is created through a generous use of surfaces and materials, as well as a freedom from decorative elements. An elementary simplicity which is equally understandable all over the world.

The art of reduction

A SieMatic PURE is more than an elegant, sculptural object. Its true luxury lies in its reduction to the essential. Freed from all things superfluous, it integrates space as an element in its own right, allowing it to breathe. In this atmosphere of agreeable lightness, a refuge of reflection and inspiration is created in which your love of clarity and elegance, of calm and harmony, your passion for timeless perfection can unfold.

SLX. The icon of the SieMatic PURE style world.

Puristic aesthetics. Fascinating diversity.

The puristic world opens up a wealth of creative possibilities: with innovative room concepts perfectly and discreetly integrating the functions of the kitchen in the surrounding architecture. Carefully selected combinations of exquisite materials and fine shades go far beyond conventional kitchen design and permit almost boundless creativity.

Handle-free, redefined.

The exclusive SLX PURE achieves a unique symbiosis of light and lines with light strips discreetly integrated in the shadow gaps of the recessed grip channels.

Each SieMatic kitchen tells its own fascinating story.

Discover true stories about exceptional kitchens and unique personalities.


A SieMatic is at home anywhere. In over 70 nations all around the world. And high up in the Hollywood hills.

Breathtaking aesthetics. Inside and out.

For BELLGAVE, a private luxury residence in Los Angeles, opting for the modern and yet timeless elegance of the SieMatic PURE style world proved to be the perfect decision. Find your own inspiration.

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SieMatic interior design systems: the harmonious combination of external and internal values.

Highly variable in its function. Exemplary in its creative freedom.

Each SieMatic kitchen is designed and produced for its customers individually. The selection of furniture, the variety of materials and colours, the utensils, ingredients and accessories all reflect the unconventional lifestyle and the creativity of its inhabitants.

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