SieMatic S2


An artistic fusion of avantgarde design and timeless elegance. The new SieMatic S2 generation.

True luxury is defined not be numbers, but by experience. When everything appears to be interconnected in an elevated harmony, a special magic ensues, visibly and invisibly. Behind the elegant fronts of the tall cabinets in brushed gold bronze aluminium, the prizewinning interior system MultiMatic cleverly exploits the storage space. The tall cabinets on the right in dark flamed walnut house some of the appliances and conclude with a SieMatic SecretSpace tall cabinet which is a true highlight, combining aesthetics and innovative functionality. The central island, in a velvet matt lacquer in one of the 2,050 shades of the SieMatic IndividualColourSystem, is both the control centre of the kitchen and a seating area where the family can come together. An imaginative use of colour throughout the kitchen is proof of the courage to incorporate contrasts, while gold bronze acts as a linking element within this exquisite colour palette.

35 years of avantgarde: the new SieMatic S2.

SieMatic has repeatedly demonstrated its pioneering spirit with surprising developments which have set standards later to become benchmarks for the industry. The DNA of the SieMatic S2 includes ergonomically perfect horizontal and vertical recess channels between the countertops and pull-outs or between the tall cabinets, emphasising the intentional design of the kitchen and at the same time allowing the cabinets and pull-outs to be opened. In this concept, they are in anodised gold bronze, like the metallic cabinet elements and fronts, and lend the kitchen a luxurious and simultaneously inviting character. They can also be selected in other metallic shades or lacquers to harmonise with, or contrast to the fronts.

The special SieMatic StoneDesign countertops, just 1 cm thick on the wall units and 10 cm thick on the central island, are produced from the same warm white, hardwearing ceramic Atalaia super blanco. The meticulously mitred corners of the island fronts and side panels underline the quality and the luxury of the design, as well as the perfect craftsmanship. Together with the high-quality materials and special SieMatic glass cabinets with their mirrored back walls taking up the metal and lacquer shades of the kitchen, they lend the S2 a completely new and even more inviting look.

Expressed elegance

With its striking beauty, the new SieMatic S2 generation unites in spectacular design the visible and invisible to create a new icon of quiet luxury, a sublime status symbol which is far more than just the sum of its parts. In a magical interplay of interior and exterior, every detail tells a fascinating story of functional marvels and meticulous craftsmanship. Larger appliances can be hidden inside elegant cabinets or behind sliding folding doors, or a sliding island countertop can completely conceal an integrated hob or a sink with lowered tap. When open, it becomes a practical seating area. The customer wishes which the new S2 can fulfil are almost limitless.

Visible and invisible – the SieMatic S2 maximises reduction to the essential. Rotating cabinet elements and concealed drawers can be integrated invisibly, whereas the sophisticated combination of velvet matt aluminium titanium, ceramic storm gris, and dark flamed walnut veneer in this kitchen is just one example of an exciting and visible range of high-quality materials and carefully selected colours. 

The S2 Next Generation provides kitchen lovers with new possibilities to create their own, unique living space with a restrained, elegant aesthetic which subtly accentuates the interior design without overemphasising the genius of its functionality.

InVisible – The joy of the unexpected.
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SieMatic SecretSpace

SieMatic SecretSpace is available for base and tall cabinets. With the precision of a classic Swiss clockwork, the revolutionary, translatory rotation completely transforms the look of the kitchen. When the elegant doors are open, the shelves showcase the decorative objects they contain and provide a visual and haptic experience. When the kitchen is being used for cooking, with all the incumbent heat, dirt and fluids, the elegant cabinet doors can be kept firmly closed. As soon as the mood shifts back again from cooking to enjoying and discovering, SecretSpace returns to being an elegant stage for all the beautiful things stored on the shelves. With its innovative combination of high-tech and beautiful design, SieMatic SecretSpace is a spectacular new addition which is guaranteed to attract attention.

Nothing betrays the secret behind the elegant corners. At the flick of a wrist, a closed kitchen cabinet turns smoothly to reveal a sophisticated shelf which cleverly links the kitchen and living spaces. The calm, velvet matt cabinet front conceals a rotating shelf unit in elegant veneer. Matt and glossy colours, as well as veneers, can be selected individually from the wide range of SieMatic materials.

With SecretSpace, SieMatic has introduced an innovative technology to the kitchen. With a deliberate push, the closed front is set in motion and makes a 180° turn. The precision mechanism guarantees extremely smooth running, while special fixtures dampen the movement. Even the lightest object remains in position. The remarkable technology of translatory rotation opens up completely new possibilities for kitchen design. When open, no doors are in the way, and the shelf is fully accessible.

Seldom used delicate china, wine glasses and carafes, or valuable treasures and collections, are closed away invisibly inside the cabinet and well protected. With the flick of a wrist, they are brought into view and are ready to be enjoyed and used. The rotation is so smooth that frequent switching between the open and closed states poses no problem at all.

SieMatic SecretSpace – A unique tactile and visual experience.

SieMatic SecretSlide

The aesthetic principle of hidden functionality.

The massive base of the new S2 countertop provides the necessary space for the sophisticated mechanism. When closed, the seemingly solid 5 cm thick countertop floats above the recess channels and conceals the hob. But the countertop can split in two and slide sideways to reveal the hob. The three external edges face down and only in the middle reveal the 1 cm thick countertop surrounding the hob below. Alternatively, SecretSlide can also hide a sink with an adjustable tap. Extended fully, the countertop segments lock into position and considerably enlarge the working surface, for example for a buffet, or can be used on both sides as seating areas.

Working surfaces are places for creativity and experimenting, where new things emerge. And that is exactly what we have achieved here. We have designed a spectacular kitchen highlight with a new way of combining technology and aesthetics. The innovative SecretSlide countertops in the SieMatic S2 integrate the kitchen even more seamlessly in the living space, making it multifunctional.

The two-part element in impressive, vividly marbled "Taj Mahal" natural stone can slide together to close over a flush-mounted induction hob or a sink with a lowered tap, completely covering what is below. This is not only a baffling effect, but also shows just how much kitchen functionality is behind the immaculate design of SecretSlide. Thanks to a dampened sliding mechanism and gentle locking in the end position, devices, crockery or even lightweight glasses can be permanently left on the sliding countertop without fear of them falling over.

SieMatic SecretService

A hidden jewel. Just press to open.

Always at your service: in a thrilling interplay of revealed and concealed elements, the new SieMatic S2 generation has many surprising storage ideas to hand. One of them is SecretService, a sophisticated and hidden flat drawer not visible to the naked eye. It can be equipped with magnetic knife holders or with dividers which make access to flat and fine objects easier, while keeping them in place. With its immaculate finish and clever use of storage, SecretService is yet another testament to the high level of competence and perfect craftsmanship to be found at SieMatic.

SieMatic SecretService, a clever little drawer concealed within the flat recess channel of the new SieMatic S2 Next Generation, demonstrates perfection in design and function. No technical detail detracts from its aesthetics. Highly individualisable, this innovation is the ideal storage solution for flat and fine objects. From knife sets to cheese and truffle slicers, from smartphones and tablets to valuable jewellery, everything can be stored away quickly and safely.

Carefully designed dimensions and rounded corners mean that different types and lengths of knives can be positioned flexibly, while strong magnets keep both the split knife holder and the knives themselves safely in place and stop them from sliding around. Magnetic dividers create individual compartments for other utensils. SecretService comes with a dark grey flock mat for safe storage and is also available with knife holders or with dividers in smoked chestnut and light oak to match the SieMatic aluminium interiors and renowned MultiMatic elements.

Integrated almost invisibly in the delicate recess channel, SecretService keeps its precious contents out of view. Nothing detracts from the clear lines, perfect angles and elegant presence of a handleless SieMatic S2. Only those who are in on the secret can open the hidden drawer with a gentle push: puristic aesthetics in purest form.

Invisibility as the perfect symbiosis of presence and purism

The open-plan contemporary kitchen is becoming increasingly invisible, cleverly hiding appliances, bar and functional areas behind sliding doors. This opens up completely new possibilities for an elegant, puristic design in which the SieMatic kitchen is the focus, but without its functionality being permanently on show. The exceptionally wide range of one, two and four-panel side-sliding doors in numerous different heights and widths provides many options for the creation and concealment of individually planned areas. When closed off, nothing can disturb the formal calm of the SieMatic kitchen design: its puristic and timeless presence is maintained. SieMatic sliding doors, with their restrained elegance and unlimited functionality, can be used playfully as a fluid transition between rooms and their functions. Their versatility, both aesthetically and functionally, makes them predestined for a high-quality, full-height interior design in SieMatic materials and colours, guaranteeing a seamless continuity of design and surfaces with SieMatic kitchen and living elements.

Where there is the invisible, there must also be the visible. Our one and multiple-panel sliding doors run gently on perfectly smooth rails and open up almost endless planning possibilities: from the concealment of a row of kitchen units in a small flat, or appliances in open-plan kitchens, to the hiding of a luxurious wine bar in a spacious loft, or access to a wet kitchen or utility room.

When the doors are opened, optional lighting is activated; when they are closed, electrical appliances are deactivated. This not only means that what was previously concealed is now optimally illuminated, but also prevents an oven from being left on by mistake. A fascinating interplay between celebration of perfect design and celebration of precise functionality.

Passion for Perfection.

A growing desire for invisible appliances is making the concealed kitchen a new status symbol. With its surprising interiors and functions, the latest SieMatic S2 generation is proving that timelessly elegant design, as well as the perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovative technology is not a question of available space. A clever solution for typical L-shaped kitchens, for example, is to hide smaller electrical devices on a board hidden behind a revolving door or a lifting flap. This unusual cabinet solution makes it possible to hide devices and then pull them out when needed.

A sophisticated use of storage space which has been thought through to the last detail: the power sockets are flush to the back wall, the pull-out board has a magnetic stopper in its end position in order to prevent it from being pushed away by accident, and an integrated sensor triggers automatic lighting on opening. When closed, nothing disturbs the sophisticated ambience, and the walnut veneer with its vivid, expressive vertical grain blends harmoniously with the overall kitchen design.

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