Secrets of SieMatic - presented at the Milano Design Week 2024

With the SieMatic S2 Next Generation and its "hidden treasures", SieMatic presented a whole series of ground-breaking innovations at the Milano Design Week and impressed numerous international guests from design and architecture, trade and the press. From 16-21 April, the Monte Santo showroom in Milan was dedicated to the "Secrets of SieMatic" and was once again the stage for a lively exchange on craftsmanship, functionality and world-class design. 

InVisible – The joy of the unexpected.

During the six days of the trade fair with two cocktail and special events, guests in the showroom experienced several impressive transformations that characterise the "Secrets of SieMatic": How closed furniture can be transformed into decorative shelves in the blink of an eye. How hobs disappear under generous worktops. How appliances and entire kitchen segments hide behind folding sliding doors, only to appear all the more impressive the next moment.

The new generation of SieMatic S2, like its successful predecessors since the SieMatic SL decades ago, maximises reduction to the essentials. Offering surprising innovations time and again is both characteristic of SieMatic and its claim. The great response from visitors worldwide and the extremely positive mood are a wonderful confirmation for the entire SieMatic family in challenging times and a sign to our national and international partners for continued optimistic cooperation.

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