Welcome to the SieMatic Style Collection CLASSIC. Composing is an art – and that also applies to interior design. With this in mind, SieMatic works together with renowned international designers to develop room design concepts for the style collection Classic, whose options go far beyond traditional kitchen design and offer broad latitude for interpretation. These concepts make it possible to play with styles and to use seemingly contradictory design elements to compose a harmonious whole, to the delight of all who seek to elegantly combine the old with the new. And to all those whose demanding sense of aesthetics does not fit into classic “compartments.” Get to know the world of SieMatic Classic, and discover the most beautiful furnishing style for the kitchen: your own.

Chinese wedding cabinet from the SieMatic Classic style collection in black matte oak with polished nickel
Chinese wedding cabinet from the SieMatic Classic style collection in black matte oak with polished nickel

Why do kitchens have
to look like kitchens?

The classic kitchen can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Our "Chinese Wedding Cabinet", for instance, is a delightful eye-catcher but also offers a surprising interior.

Letting new ideas shine

The SieMatic Classic style collection surprises with unconventional ideas. Attractive highlights include, for example, statement features in matte stainless steel with beveled frames in polished nickel. 

Competent consulting and professional design

Come experience new perspectives. Your SieMatic consultant is always up-to-date with current designs and technical innovations. And they are experts at listening, to meet your needs and reveal even more possibilities. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.

Never has classic been so modern

Get inspired by the variety of the SieMatic style world CLASSIC. SieMatic will impress you with how to create a new look out of a combination of traditional and modern design.

SieMatic CLASSIC brochure

Take a look at our brochures for tips and suggestions for kitchen design, and more details about the quality and variety of SieMatic products. You can download SieMatic brochures or place an order for a high-quality print version, all quickly and easily online.

"Stye is the result of an intensive examination of your own preferences… style is what you make of it."

Mick de Giulio, Designer


Where cooking is
at the heart of it

Traditional charm, free-standing cabinets and a cooking center to catch the eye, the comfortable atmosphere of this kitchen design is a more relaxed room concept.


This is how your kitchen
becomes unique

Pure elegance and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere are not contradictions. Because SieMatic Classic stands for sensitive design with extravagant elements.

Suit your own nature

Let your SieMatic partner help you plan a kitchen that meets your individual needs. Find a SieMatic Studio near you, quickly and conveniently.