It is not the size that counts, but the idea

The SieMatic CLASSIC collection offers options that go far beyond the usual in kitchen design with truly unlimited creative freedom – no matter your space or budget. This example illustrates how sophisticated ideas and SieMatic design elements can be used to create a high-quality, impressive and individual space with just a few pieces.

Ceramic in “pulpis” gives the backsplash an elegant air. Metallic details in “gold bronze” like the wall rack, handles, fine edging on the exhaust hood, and the countertop frame create attractive accents and give the kitchen a brilliant shine.

Expand your creative options

Cleverly integrated into a simulated doorway is a refrigerator-freezer combination. Elegantly concealed with door trim and with door fronts in “graphite grey,” the element blends perfectly with the surrounding architecture.

Classic, timelessly elegant style and symmetric arrangements characterize this room concept, which also features mindful repetition of color and materials. The stove area forms a focal point with its silky matt lacquered base cabinets in “graphite grey” and exhaust hood in “lotus white.”

A warm “graphite grey” from the SieMatic ColorSystem was chosen for a distinctive color contrast with the island’s rounded-edge countertop in noble “bianca carrara” marble.

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Wherever you encounter the name SieMatic, you find a picture of internationally recognized timeless, elegant kitchen design. Your SieMatic consultant looks forward to your visit.

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