German kitchens

All the amenities are state of the art, innovative, and the best technology has to offer, wrapped in the comfort and security of traditional craftsmanship – that's a quality German kitchen. With a strong history, long-lasting engineering traditions, functional design aesthetics, and the well-earned reputation of being finished on time, it is easy to understand why they are so popular. But is a kitchen made in Germany really the one for you? Read on and find out!

Are German kitchens worth it?

The craftsmanship of a quality German kitchen design offers no less than the best in innovation, performance and sophistication – all of which will give you everything you are looking for in a kitchen and more. Kitchens made in Germany have been winning people over for years with their state-of-the-art amenities, advanced features and longevity - and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They are the best option for someone who wants a durable and creative space with a lot of functionality and storage options. German kitchen designs are based on a modular design principle, and are second to none when it comes to precision engineering and creating a highly functional space – not to mention their remarkable designs, high-quality materials and stunning layouts continue to lend weight to their ever-growing popularity. Always on the cutting-edge, German kitchen designs are like a fine wine – they don’t just follow the trend, they set it.

What makes German kitchens so popular?

German kitchen designs come with a wide array of amenities and cabinets, that can give you a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to choosing your dream kitchen. You won’t need to worry about sizes and shapes because German kitchen cabinets are made to make the most of your space so you can utilize every inch of the kitchen. Whether you want to hide your appliances in the extra storage space of your kitchen with island or create an open plan where the kitchen merges seamlessly with the living room into a multifunctional open kitchen, investing in a kitchen made in Germany will give you peace of mind in the long run.

German kitchen designs are all about innovation and style. The best German kitchens have well designed layouts that can effortlessly integrate with architecture from around the world. That means no matter what continent you live on, there is a design that fits your home and lifestyle. The interior of a quality German kitchen is just as crucial as the exterior. It will give you the flexibility to create the kitchen oasis of your dreams from high-quality standard German kitchen cabinets to the MultiMatic kitchen interior accessories system. Kitchens made in Germany are also designed to take into consideration your living space and storage capabilities – because without functionality a kitchen is just another room.

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A German kitchen company: made for families by families

Many German kitchen companies are family-run businesses. In an era of globalisation, the trust and partnership you form with a family business can be very reassuring – especially if you ask them to build such an integral part of your home!

Run by the third generation of Siekmanns, the German kitchen manufacturer SieMatic is led by the integrity and reliability that defines the special culture of family-owned companies. That, however, in no way means that the company is stuck in the past! Much has happened since "Ruth", "Hannelore", and "Erna" took people’s hearts by storm.

These first kitchen buffets left August Siekmann Möbelwerke in 1929 and set a course for excellence. Driven by August Siekmann's motto of "preferring the best" the company kept reforming and revolutionising the market, while creating strong ties with other family business. Those specialised dealers are in turn the best at what they do. It is those loyal partnerships that have enabled SieMatic to manufacture only the best German kitchens and provide their customers with quality materials and service they can truly rely upon.

Your German kitchen cabinets backed by international expertise

At SieMatic, keeping it within the family goes hand in hand with global thinking. In order to design German kitchen cabinets which are at home all around the world, regional preferences and needs have to be taken into consideration in every aspect. Be it living habits, the differing requirements of culinary cultures, climate conditions, or simply space – the flexibility and precision of German kitchen design caters to all.
Distributing to over 60 countries across the globe simply can't be a one-way street. Despite solely exporting from its manufacturing base in Löhne, Germany, SieMatic is happy to learn from what other countries do best, put their twist on it, and make it their own. To constantly deliver the best it is imperative to look across the border – be it over to Italy, where the benchmark for design competence is kept famously high, or even further across to North America to explore their noteworthy country-style kitchen approach. This willingness to learn and think outside the box is an integral part of SieMatic’s business philosophy of "preferring the best". It's a philosophy that applies to markets all across the globe and has made SieMatic envoys of the highest quality "made in Germany".

Kitchens "Made in Germany" – made to last

Since the label "made in Germany" was introduced in Britain in 1887 it quickly turned from a warning – telling Brits to beware of potentially inferior foreign goods – to a product's version of a badge of honour. Today it is the world's most respected 'made in' label and naturally carries with it a huge promise: quality made to last. Whether you're talking cars, household appliances, or kitchens, the national archetype is safe, durable, and precise. And German kitchen companies like SieMatic have had a great part in creating and maintaining that reputation by fitting excellence into homes everywhere.

The decision for a SieMatic kitchen – be it a minimalist kitchen, an urban kitchen, or a classic kitchen – means choosing long-lasting quality that is designed to suit your needs, installed on time, and finished to perfection. This is a big promise to make, but it is one we have been keeping since before the SieMatic 60, the world's first kitchen with integrated, recessed handle channels, revolutionised the market in 1960 and gave the company its current name. It's a promise we've been keeping since August Siekmann first exhibited and introduced his kitchen sideboards at the Leipzig Trade Fair. And it's a promise we've kept with each unit fitted, all materials chosen, and every design decision made. Because German kitchen design at its best should meet your individual needs by being timeless in shape, proportion, and material choices – to give you a kitchen that doesn’t only last for decades but stays fresh and flexible at the same time.

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Discover the best reasons for a quality German kitchen – your own!

The long history of German kitchen design is first and foremost one of constant innovation. Drawing from a strong engineering tradition and with a keen eye for functionality, German manufacturers are renown for delivering the very best: well thought-through internal layouts that integrate seamlessly with each given architecture as well as the determination for optimal use of space, modular systems that enable the creative freedom to mirror the individuality of the people who live there, sleek and durable surfaces made to literally shine under stress!

All these aspects have contributed to the strong reputation of German kitchen design. But the best reasons to choose a SieMatic, are those you will discover on your own whilst experiencing a space that is so perfectly fitted to your every need and desire, you will not want to be without it again and with high-quality materials and execution like ours, you won't have to for many, many years. Get your kitchen planning checklist now, order a brochure or visit us in one of our various showrooms to find out what the best in German kitchen design can do for you!

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