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At SieMatic, we value our premium kitchens even more than our corporate image. Since the foundation of our family business in 1929, we have always tried to fill our kitchens with love, life, and emotion, making them instant classics.

Which kitchen brand to choose? There are economic, design, architectural and service considerations. But the main factor is your desire to offer your family the best brand of kitchen– in other words, the one that will allow everyone to live a unique experience together.

The history of our family is in the genes of SieMatic, which will celebrate its centenary in 2029. It is a history that has been written with each of our customers and their dreams, a history that has enabled us to push our quest for exceptional kitchen design even further.

Driven by the innovative strength of our teams, designers, engineers, kitchen designers and talented partners, SieMatic has become one of the world's leading kitchen brands. And what's more, the spirit of innovation that has always driven us has allowed us to open the doors to new and innovative kitchen design and use cases, so we can create kitchens that meet your unique expectations.

Our brand identity, centred on our three style universes, PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC, is an open invitation to imagine and create the perfect kitchen for you. Trend-setting designs; custom configurations; timeless spaces and furnishings; coordinated and timed deliveries; exceptional advice, execution and after-sales service: A SieMatic kitchen is much more than a branded kitchen. It is a kitchen that defines your life.

The Story of a German Kitchen Brand

“Made in Germany" is more than just a label. It reveals the entire history of Germany as the home of advanced design, manufacture and marketing of kitchens on a large scale. SieMatic is one of the best known kitchen brands in Europe and worldwide. The birth of SieMatic actually coincides with the birth of the first German craftsmen association.

The German kitchen industry has always stood out for innovative technology and high quality manufacturing. At the same time, it has developed its own design, described by kitchen designers of other nationalities as futuristic. The Germans are forward thinking. Thanks to their many years of experience in the design and production of high-quality branded kitchens, they have been able to bring together all the specialties of their trade in three large German regions: North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Swabia.

This allows all German kitchen manufacturers, including SieMatic, to export between 40 and 80% of their production to more than 60 countries. When the kitchen manufacturer's neighbour is its supplier of raw materials and appliances, logistical efficiency is the order of the day - which is of special importance to the customer, who wants everything to arrive at the same place at the same time.

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Continuous Development

At SieMatic, every customer is unique. And this promise is based first and foremost on the precise and totally personalised framework given to all stages of design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and follow-up that defines our relationship with each of our customers. Thus, in our network of dealers, you will find our attitude is all about making sure we fulfil all your needs– down to the smallest detail.

At SieMatic, we listen to you and then shape your dream kitchen with creativity, reliability, durability, quality and efficiency. We invent the kitchens of tomorrow for you. From the introduction of the first kitchen with integrated handles in 1960, to the SieMatic S1 with its integrated lighting systems, wi-fi components and iPod docking station in 2009, there will always be just one kitchen to reinvent: yours.

Your Premium Kitchen: a Reflection of Your Identity

"What defines our brand is world-class design and timeless elegance, as well as everything that transpires when we implement it,” says Ulrich W. Siekmann, SieMatics CEO. A SieMatic premium kitchen is more than just a kitchen. It’s much more than the German Brand Award in GOLD our company received in 2016 from the Design Council. It is a range of ideas, high-quality materials, technologies, daring finishes, quality fittings, technical and environmental guarantees, and services that reassure. It's a meeting with a SieMatic kitchen designer who initiates listening and exchange, then develops a relationship of trust that embraces our three worlds of style and your custom project.

Our style worlds define our design principles and offer a range of high-quality environments for you to choose from. PURE: original, with mixtures of colours and textures that make you want to curl up. Our URBAN line encapsulates the energy of the city, its excitement, its diversity, which inspires and offers new horizons. Then there’s our CLASSIC line– traditional without being conventional, where the different functionalities of the kitchen are illustrated and improved upon. Browse through the many adventures offered in our online brochures, which can be ordered free of charge, so you can flip through and get inspired. Experience a top-of-the-line premium kitchen as if you were already there.

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